1-4. The Sage said. O Brahmin! After completing the Trikona and Ekadhipatya Shodana in the AshtakaVargaas of all the Planets, the rectified number should be multiplied by the measure of the Rāśi. If there be any Planet in any Rāśi, the rectified number should be multiplied by the measure of the Planet also. Then, after multiplying the rectified number of each Rāśi, the products should be added up. The total so arrived at will be Pinda of that Planet. The multiples of Rāśis are 10 for Taurus and Leo, 8 for Gemini and Scorpio, 7 for Aries and Libra, 6 for Capricorn and Virgo. The multipliers of the remaining Rāśis are the same, as their numbers. (Rāśiman Chakra. Aries 7, Vris 10, Mith 8, Cancer 4, Leo 10, Kany 6, Libra 7, Vrsk 8, 2nd 9, Maka 5, Kumb 11, Mina 12) The multipliers of Planets are 10 for Jupiter, 3 for Mars, 7 for Venus, 6 for Mercury, Sun, Moon and Saturn. (Planetman Chakra. Sun 5, Moon 5, Mars8, Mercury 5, Jupiter 10, Venus 7, Saturn 5)


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