number of co born in astrology

number of co born in astrology :

The number of Navamsas elapsed in the 3rd house counted backwards

from the Lagna will indicate the number of elder-borns, while the number of

navamsas still to rise in the 3rd house counted in regular order from the Lagna

will denote the number still to

be born the number of males and females among them should be guessed according

to the rules on the subject while the number of those surving or otherwise

should be judged from the strength of the benefic and malefic planets


methods :

1. first of all note down the rashi of lagn lord of dreshkana or drekkana chart. the number of sibling could be equivalent to the numeric number of rashi , example – dreshkana is aquarius and its lord saturn is in cancer (rashi no. 4 ) so the native may be among the total 4 siblings. (brothers/sisters).

2. secondly if the lord of dreshkana is in a rashi with higher numerical number like say it is capricorn ( no. 10) or scorpio (no. 8 ) then count up to the mooltrikona rashi of dreshkana lagan lord to ascertain the number of siblings. example – dreshkana is pisces and its lord jupiter is in aquarius (no.11) then counting upto mooltrikona rashi of jupiter, which is saggitarius, gives us no. 3. so the native may be among total 3 siblings.

3.the second method is to count the no. of planets that comes between the dreshkana lagana and mars ( which is the karka of coborns ). in this method we will have to superimpose the degree of lagna and planets in the dreshkana chart to judge the exact number of planets that comes between the dreshkana lagna and mars as sometimes it may happen that there may be some planets in the lagna of dreshkana and /or conjoined with mars.

Sun in 3rd House will destroy the preborn. The afterborn will be destroyed, if Saturn is found in 3rd House. In the same situation Mars will destroy both the preborn and later-born.

1st younger brother or sister is indicated by 3rd house, 2nd from 5th house, 3rd from 7th house and so on. If there are elder brothers or sisters to the native, we have to see the same in anti-clockwise direction i.e. immediate elder brother or sister is indicated by 11th house and still elders to be seen from 9th house and so on. It is also necessary to examine the chart of Drekkana to acquire information about brothers and sisters.

In D-1, H3 represents younger co-borns and H11 represents elder co-borns. The karaka for siblings is Ma. Although some people believe that Sa is the karaka for elder siblings, Dr. B V Raman is of the opinion that there is no evidence in scriptures to support that statement. [ACOA] Some believe that Ju and Sa – together are the karakas for elder siblings. [JR]

There are many ways of finding the number of siblings from a chart. I know a couple of them.

1. Find out the number of signs gained by Ma or L3, whoever is stronger, in D-9. This represents the number of siblings the person has. Discount all the signs gained, in which there are malefic planets since they would result in loss of a sibling. [HPA] 2. Check D-3. If the As is in odd sign, then H3,H5,H7.. represent younger siblings and H11,H9,H7 etc represent the elder siblings. If the As is in even sign, then H11,H9,H7 represent younger siblings and H3,H5,H7 represent elder siblings. After covering all odd/even signs, we shift from odd to even signs (or vice-versa) instead of returning to the sign where we started.

In my experience (2) worked well for most of the horoscopes. Before applying these rules, we must also look for other cues from the horoscope which hint more information about siblings.

D-1: Ju in H11 happens for the eldest born. This, of course, may not be true if As falls in Aq and Ta. That is because, L11 is Ju for them. E.g. Horoscope details: As: Aq, Ju: Sg. The native had an elder brother. D-1: L1 in H11 indicates eldest born. Note that L1 *alone* must be in H11 to apply this principle. E.g. Horoscope details: As: Sc, Ma,Ve,Me:Vi. The native had an elder sister (understandably since L11 is also in H11 and Ve,Me are both female). D-1: For a son who is destined to do the final rituals of one of/both his parents, Mo will be in any one of the following houses: {1,2,6,8,10}. Since final rituals are performed by eldest son, it’s expected that the eldest born will have Mo in one of the above-mentioned houses. I’ve seen exceptions for this rule as well. So, please don’t scare NRI’s by telling them that they won’t be in India when it’s critical for their parents. D-1: L3 in H11 indicates that the native is the last born for his parents. L11 in H3 also indicates that the native is the first born for his parents. A strong Sa in H3 or H11 from As, AL or KR may indicate the same. Ke positioned in H3 or H11 from As indicates no brothers. If there is benefic aspect, then there may be sisters. D-1: If L3 is associated with a benefic planet and is placed in a good house or very strong, then there may be younger brothers. Similarly, L11 for elder brothers. D-1/D-3: To predict the gender of siblings, one must take into account: the gender of the planet owning the sign, the planet’s strength and position relative to the sign, the gender of the sign, gender of planets in the sign and their strength etc.

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