number of children in astrology

number of children in astrology :

1. The number of children can be found out by counting the Navamsa gained by the 5th lord. For e.g., the 5th lord is placed in Virgo Rasi and Gemini Navamsa. Counting from Gemini (Navamsa) to Virgo Rasi [Virgo (6) – Gemini (3) = 3], we have four signs, i.e., the 5th lord has to gain three Navamsas to reach Virgo or upto three children should be anticipated. This is however a crude method can can be used with extreme care.

Max. no. of child = Rasi sign – Navamsa Sign

Pt. Rath says that, for this method to work, the 5th lord should be placed with the Jupiter (Karaka for Navamsa). Here we might conclude that for this method to work, Jupiter should be strongly placed in the horoscope and influence the factors of progeny.

2. This can also be seen from the planets aspecting the 5th by Graha or Rasi Drsti.

Riders The number of children is limited by the Rahu – Ketu axis, unless Jupiter is strongly placed in the D-1, to eliminate all the putra Dosas.

Birth of Twins The signs Aquarius and Scorpio have two lords each and hence if they happen to be the house of child/ pregnancy, they can indicate twins.

Most standard texts prescribe the involvement of the Signs Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio or Aquarius for the birth of the twins. They add Gemini and Virgo also to Aquarius and Scorpio, since the signs are lorded by Mercury whose nature is dual.

In the chart of the standard nativity, the 5th lord Moon is in Aquarius Rasi and Pisces Navamsa, which shows that there are possibilities of 11 children, however while we count from Pisces we have to stop in Taurus, because Gemini is occupied by a node. Thus the maximum no. of children is limited to 2 only shown by the signs Aries and Taurus.

Saptamsa chart can be seen for more details about children. The details of judging Saptamsa Chart is given in subsequent section.

1st child: The Saptamsa Lagna is in an Odd sign and hence the counting shall be in a zodiacal manner. The 1st child is shown by the 5th lord Mars, placed in Gemini with Moon and Ketu. 2nd child: The 2nd child is shown by the 7th lord Mercury. Mercury is placed in Scopio and has exhange. Scorpio generally shows female child being an even sign. Due to the exchange of planets, it indicate male child. Its worthwhile to note that the 6th lord, the maraka is aspecting Mercury, showing that the child shall face terrible condition and can face death. However, due to Graha Dristi of Jupiter on Mercury and Rasi Drsti on the Lagna, the child is saved.

Sex of the Child The sex of the child is seen from the lord of the sign ruling the house of pregnancy. If the lord is exalted or conjoin male planets (Sun, Rahu, Jup, Mars), the issue is male. If the lord is debilitated or conjoins female planets (Moon, Ketu, Venus), the issue is female. Saturn and Mercury are eunuch planets, but they have found to indicate female and male children respectively.

If the lord of the sign is neither exalted/ debilitated, not conjoins any other planets, the sex of the child is seen from the nature of the sign occupied by it. All Odd signs excepting the Aquarius and Gemini are male birth signs while all the even signs, expecting Cancer and Pisces are Female birth signs.number of children in astrology,gender prediction indian astrology,baby gender prediction by vedic astrology,how to predict child birth from horoscope,number of child in astrology,no of children in astrology,sex of child in astrology,

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