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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Should the Moon and Saturn be together, the native will possess a decayed wife, be dear to public, will breed elephants and horses, be devoid of virtues, be under the control of others, unwealthy and defeated. Saturn and Moon conjunction, keeps You worried and devoid of happiness. At least the real happiness is absent. You Will face innumerable miseries throughout and remains disturbed even in the best days of your life. The combination of the Moon with Saturn is always adverse for Mental peace but the adversities will not be high, if conjunction takes placed in Libra or Capricorn or is aspected  by Jupiter. Even if the combination of Moon Saturn is auspicious in any horoscope, it will give mental gloom, melancholy and worry, unless strongly aspected by Jupiter. Moon is the Natural Significator of Mother. So Saturn Moon combination is not good for Relationship with Mother. In any case, the native does not have smooth relations with his mother. But Saturn and Moon conjunction is Very Good for Spiritual Progress as one gets inclined towards spiritualism, after facing endless worries and leading a life full of difficulty and Hurdle. The Moon and Saturn Yoga is good for Success Away from your Birth place.

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