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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

One, who has the Moon Mercury combination will be expert in poems and fables, be wealthy, amiable to his wife, beautiful, smiling faced and will be endowed with distinct virtues. In terms of natural friendship Moon consider Mercury as friend while Mercury takes Moon with enmity. Thus, it  is considered as a one sided relationship and thus when moon conjunct mercury has both positive as well as negative shades.Native having Moon Mercury conjunction are usually soft spoken and good in communication, they have smiling face, is a jocular and is liked by ladies and so they have more favor from female natives. Moon Conjunct Mercury gives an active mind,  thinking influenced by feelings, good grasp and  perception are the key notes of this conjunction.  The Moon conjunct Mercury gives the native  splendid intellect, quick and accurate perception. The native is much concerned  about the domestic and family affairs giving much  thought to food, health and hygiene. If the conjunction  occurs in an airy sign, the mind is awakened to its  highest level of perception, the native gathers  knowledge at a rapid rate. One who is born with  the Moon conjunct Mercury becomes an expert in poetry  and fables, is wealthy, amiable to wife, handsome with  smiling face and endowed with distinct virtues.  In our view the native earns fame and honour  through women.

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