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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

One, who has the Moon and Mars together, will be valorous, brave in war, be a boxer, will suffer bloody imbalances, or diseases, will manufacture articles of mud, skin and minerals and will be an artisan and a metallurgist. Moon and Mars have different qualities and nature but Moon has an affection for Mars. Moon controls the soul of the person and if it has an inauspicious Yoga with Mars then he will have an angry and cruel nature due to the extreme nature of Mars. He may have instability and an unsteady state of mind due to the malefic influence of this Yoga. In our view this conjunction indicates unhappy  relations with mother and sickness to her. The native  suffers from bilious affections of blood. He is fond of  body building and vigorous sports. This is a favourable  conjunction for pottermen, skin dealers, leather dealers  and business in minerals etc. The native is though bereft  of conduct but has good material status. According to Vedic astrology if any woman has Mars and the aspect of malefic planets on Moon in her birth-chart then she may have hurdles in her marriage. A woman who has this kind of position in her birth-chart, may have a late marriage and may not enjoy a happy relationship with her husband after marriage.

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