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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

One with Jupiter and the Moon together will be firm in friendship, modest, respectful towards his relatives, wealthy, virtuous and regardful towards Gods and the wise. This union in the vedic astrology horoscope blesses with high profiled relations and social recognition.  The person is wealthy and highly religious. He gets respect from his relatives and takes good care of those dependent upon him.  If this conjunction is in positive house/sign in the vedic astrology horoscope and favorable planetary period is under operation and he visits sacred places and enjoys long lasting health, wealth and fame. This conjunction confers fortune, peace and success  to self and generosity and sympathy towards others.  The native has splendid social qualities, either latent or active. Jupiter and the Moon conjunction be not in  the 3rd or 6th house or in depression signs, the native  will be wealthy, endowed with spouse and sons and be  well mannered.  In our view this is a form of Gajakesari Yoga which  is highly praised by the ancients for prosperity and honours.

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