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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

If the moon is in gemini at birth, one will have prominent nose and dark eyes, will be skillful in the art of love, poetry etc., will enjoy sexual pleasures, will have lines of fish in the palm, will be fond of worldly enjoyments, will be sinwy, be very intelligent, splendourous, be endowed with hapiness, jocular disposition and eloquent speech, be won over by the females, will have a long body, will befriend neuters and will have two mothers. Due to Moon in Gemini, you get a great command over communication, writing and calculations. You are a curious person, a knowledge gatherer. You want to know as much as possible, even if it means gathering the superficial details only. You like to indulge in many things at once and you are indeed a multitasker. However, you are not that structured towards task completion. Moon gives you a certain anxiety and nervousness too. This underlying restlessness in your personality rarely comes to the surface but when it does, it takes a lot of talk for you to calm down. When it comes to emotions, people with Gemini Moon sign are a mystery to themselves. When caught up in an emotional whirlwind, you like to talk it out to someone. You find comfort in sharing your feelings, but you are not really good with understanding your emotions yourself. You can easily strike a conversation with strangers and take out information you want. You certainly have a way with words and a charming personality too. You are nonetheless highly adaptive and flexible, so others often instantly strike a chord with you.

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