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Moon in 8th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021


Comments-The 8th is one of the most inauspicious houses of the horoscope and a planet loses all its good significations when posited in this house. 8th house is 12th (house of loss) to the 9th house which signifies fortune and prosperity. The Moon in this house will therefore spoil the comforts to the native and he may have therefore amongst other adversities also be deprived of the comfort of conveyances. The 8th house is a powerful significator for accidents. The Moon being a watery planet will produce danger to life from drowning. As regards the statement that the presence of the Moon in 8th house will separate the native from his relations on account of his wife we are unable to find any astrological reason for it, but as the statement comes from a distinguished authority, the readers may verify it from their practical experience. If the Moon is exalted or is in her own house the native will be long lived. This is because the 8th house being house of longevity a strong Moon (she will be lord of 8th in 8th if she is in her own sign), will give a long life to the native. Life will be shortened if the Moon is weak and quantum of shortening life will be in proportion to the weakness of the Moon. We are also of the view that in determining longevity the strength and disposition of the lord of the ascendant and the lord of the 8th house should also be kept in view. Other Views Brihat Jataka-The person will have a fickle mind and suffer from diseases. Phaldeepika-The native will suffer from diseases and will be shortlived. Saravali-The native will be intelligent, full of glory and lean and thin on account of diseases he will suffer from. If there is waning Moon in the 8th the native will be shortlived. Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will always be surrounded by physicians (this means he will always be sickly). He will suffer from horrible afflictions, will always be in fear from enemies and will have to face many adversities. Note-Except Saravali, all the authorities mentioned above have attributed evil effects to the Moon in the 8th house. The good effects described by Saravali may be realised if the Moon be in his own sign or when the Moon is aspected by a benefic like Jupiter.

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