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Moon in 7th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

MOON IN 7th HOUSE Sutras 41-46-If the Moon is in the seventh house the native will be soft spoken and will get a wife in his 32nd year. He will have some defect in his eyes and will be fond of women. He will have to undergo surgery caused by contacts with women. He will get favours from the king (Government). If the lord of the seventh is powerful he will have two wives. If the Moon is weak (waning), there will be loss of wife. If the Moon is full, or powerful or in his own sign, there will be only one wife and all comforts and luxuries will be available to him. Comments-Our views are that a benefic Moon will give good effects in the seventh house. The marriage will be delayed only if there is some malefic influence on her. Also the other ill effects ascribed to the Moon will be felt if there is evil influence on the Moon. Moon being a royal planet, she enables the native to get fame from the Government. If the lord of the seventh is powerful the native will have the privilege and means to enjoy the company of two wives. A malefic Moon will cause loss of wife. If the Moon is full, exalted or in his own sign he will be a devoted husband and will therefore like to keep only one wife. Such Moon will also provide him with all comforts and luxuries. Other Views Brihat Jataka-The person concerned will be envious and will be exceedingly over head and ears in love. Phaldeepika-The native and his wife will both be very good looking and will love each other. Sarauali-The native will be good-looking, well behaved, happy and passionate. If the Moon be weak (waning), the native will be poor and will suffer from ill health. Chamatkar Chintamani-The native will get all happiness from his wife. He will enjoy gains in inland trade and business. He will like sweet dishes. He will be very greedy. He will be so weak that he will get defeat from his enemies. Note-The essence of the views expressed above seems to be that a benefic Moon will give good results and a malefic Moon will give bad results in regard to the significations of the seventh house. The view of Chamatkar Chintamani that Moon in the seventh will make the native greedy is not clear to us. The views given by Bhrigu Sutras are more detailed and to the point.

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