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Moon in 5th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

MOON IN 5th HOUSE Sutras 25-32-If the Moon is in the fifth house the native will be successful in pleasing deities (by his devoted worship). The wife of the native will be good looking but quick tempered and will have an ugly birth mark in between her breasts. The native will acquire cattle wealth, will have two wives, will have abundant supply of milk, will be of ‘satwik’ nature and a hard worker. He will be worried and will beget a number of daughters and only one son. He will be a worshipper of female deities. If the Moon is aspected by or associated with a benefic or benefics the native will do good to others. This will not happen if the Moon has malefic influence by association or aspect. If the Moon is strong by being a full Moon, the native will take interest in feeding others, he will be powerful and will be full of glory by the blessings of many learned people. He will do pious deeds, will be very fortunate and prosperous, learned and a Rajyogi (one who while being in a high and prosperous situation enjoys worldly things but remains saintly and possesses a sense of detachment and renunciation. For example, because of such qualities King Janak was knoan as Rajarishi or Rajyogi). Comments-’Mantra Siddhi’ is one of the important significations of the 5th house. A beneficial Moon in the 5th enables the native to get the blessings and pleasure of the female deities by sincere and devoted worship. Being ninth to the ninth house the 5th house is also a house of Dharma and Bhagya. This house also signifies riches etc. Therefore with the beneficial influence of the Moon, the native will become very prosperous in all respects and will be able to keep two wives. The wife will be beautiful because the Moon is a planet who symbolises beauty. It would, however, be relevant to ascribe such an effect to the Moon in 7th house which signifies wife. We can ascribe beauty to the wife in the fifth house also in case the Moon as lord of the 7th is strongly placed in the 5th. Such a disposition could be possible in a horoscope with Capricorn as ascendant where lord of the 7th Moon will be in the 5th in Taurus, her sign of exaltation. It is not clear how the Moon will make the wife quick tempered and she will have an ugly birth mark in between the breasts. The 5th house is not a significator for wife and breasts. The fifth house is also a significator for religious mindedness, spiritual practice and prayers by incantations. Benefic influence of the Moon can therefore make the native a Rajyogi. Moon is a female and fruitful planet. Her presence in 5th house (house of children i.e. Suta Bhava), naturally gives more female issues than male issues.

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