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Moon in 4th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

MOON IN 4th HOUSE Sutras 19-24-The native will be crowned as a king (that is he will attain a very high status in Government), he will own many horses (now-a-days he will own many conveyances) and he will enjoy agricultural and financial prosperity but his mother will be sickly. The native will have milk to drink in abundant quantities but he will be brought up on breast milk of women other than his mother. He will get plentiful good food to eat and be happy but he will be fond of women other than his wife. If the Moon is strong by being full or in his own sign Cancer, the mother will be long lived. She will be short lived if the Moon is weak (that is, waning). The waning Moon will also deprive him of the comforts of conveyances but he will enjoy these comforts if the Moon is strong. If the lord of the 4th is exalted, the native will have the good fortune of owning many kinds of conveyances. Comments-The effects of the Moon in the fourth house as given above are relevant to the significations of this house. ‘The fourth house signifies amongst other things, mother, milk, agricultural land, conveyances etc. The Moon will cause the native to achieve king like status because from the 4th house, she will be aspecting the 10th house but for this purpose it seems to be essential for the Moon to be very strong and beneficial. This can be possible when the Moon is full or is in Cancer or lord of the 5th (Pisces Ascendant), 9th (Scorpio Ascendant) or 10th (Libra Ascendant). Other good results ascribed to the Moon will accrue if the Moon is disposed as mentioned above. The mother will be sickly or the native will be brought up on the breast milk of women other than the mother, if the Moon is malefic on account of her nearness to the Sun and the lord of the 4th is under evil influence. Other views Brihat Jataka-The person will be happy. Phaldeepika-If the Moon is in the fourth house, the native will be happy, fond of luxuries and women and of sacrificing spirit. He will have good friends, good reputation and will enjoy the comfort of conveyances. Saravali-The Native will be well provided with friends and relations, grains, house, conveyances and will be very happy. He will conduct business across the rivers or oceans. Chamatkar Chintamani-The person concerned will occupy a position of high status with the king (Government). He will lead a happy married life and will be blessed with children. The native will not get much happiness in his childhood. Note-In essence all the above authorities agree with the conclusions mentioned in Bhrigu Sutras.

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