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Moon in 3rd House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

MOON IN 3rd HOUSE Sutras 15-18-If the Moon is in the third house the native will have average number of sisters. He will suffer from rheumatic troubles, his agricultural output will be negligible and he will be unfortunate. In his 24th year he will get punishment from Government as a result of which he will have to suffer loss of wealth. He will lose his cattle wealth. He will be a backbiter but intelligent and will have good number of brothers. Comments-According to the learned author of Bhrigu Sutras, the placement of the Moon in the third house is not favourable in the matter of finance. We, however, think that things will change for the better if the Moon is in Taurus (when she will be exalted as the lord of the 5th) or in Cancer when she will be in his own house and aspect the ninth house i.e., house of bhagya and prosperity. The signification-brothers and sisters are not damaged by the presence of the Moon in the third house. Having negligible agricultural production, payment of penalties to Government and loss of cattle wealth are all results of being unfortunate. Other Views Brihat Jataka-The native will be cruel. Phaldeepika-The native will be happy on account of his brothers. He will be intoxicated with power and will be courageous, but miser. Saravali-The native will look. after his brothers well, he will be healthy and strong and also courageous. He will be educated and will accumulate clothes and grains. Chamatkar Chintamani-The person concerned will acquire wealth through his valour (that is by army service). He will be a powerful saint even after having sexual contacts with many women. He will earn fame on account of his religious accomplishments. He will enjoy happiness from the side of his brothers. Note-Except for the views of the Brihat Jataka, the other authorities mentioned above have not found the positing of the Moon in the third house so unfavourable. We are of the view that things would definitely be brighter for the native if the Moon in third house were in Aries, Taurus or Cancer or even Capricorn. In the last position the Moon would be aspecting his own house, vu. the ninth house (which will be in Cancer), thereby improving the significations of the house of bhagya. A full Moon in the third will also prove beneficial.

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