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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Should Mercury and Venus be together at birth, the native will be abundantly rich, a politician, an artisan, will study Vedas, be good in speech, will know how to sing, make fun and like scents and flowers. This conjunction of Venus & Mercury which is very frequent occurring conjunctions in planetary association as Venus and Mercury stay close to each other. As per permanent relationship Mercury & Venus are good friends .Since lordship is also very important while judging any conjunction for a particular nativity so also depends on other factors such as sign, house, degree, strength, who is degrees ahead etc. Natives with Conjunction of Venus and Mercury will be charming and vibrant personality, well-mannered, polite and sweet spoken as well. Native will be clever and cautious while dealing with others. If both the planets are well disposed then native will rise high in life, can become trade union head, leader etc.

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