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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

Should mercury be in leo at one’s birth, the native will not possess even bit of wisdom ,be famous in the world, be not truthful, will possess a weak memory, be wealthy, be not strong, be unfortunate in respect of wife, be independent, mean in conduct, be a servant, be devoid of children, be against his own race, but be favourable to others. Such people have a commanding voice, roaring, like that of a lion. These natives tend to be quite intelligent and they have a strong thinking power. Their mental capabilities are exceptional. These are strong natives, who do well in life. They make efforts to realize their ambitions and have a desire to be famous. They seek to be at the center of all action, and want others’ attention too. Leadership roles suit them the best. Their efforts also bring them a lot of wealth throughout life. Their personality is impressive and so is their disposition. They seek independence. There is a certain force and authority in how they express themselves to others. These natives do well in position of authority.

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