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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

One, who had Mars and Venus together at birth will be worshipped, be chief among his men, be a mathematician (or an astrologer) and be fond of gambling, untruth etc. If mars and Venus Join together, the native is fond of betting, gambling or speculation.may be wrestler and capable person otherwise.attached to other people’s wives.he may be efficient in metallurgy, but is of scheming nature and cunning. he will have a respectable position and may be an important member of his clan. he may be well in mathematics also but his inherent nature is wicked according to Horasara, the person will be rash, under the influence of his wife ( or some other women) and his acts will be vicious but if the conjunction occurs in first,fourth or tenth house from Lagna,he will rise above the situation in life and will become a leader. Mars and Venus combination make the sex life unsatisfactory. Mars represents the urge of the erotic passions in a female. Venus is symbolic of lust in a male. When these two combine, the psychology of sex becomes abnormal and the married life is seldom satisfactory. Mars Venus conjunction also makes the native self-centered and drawn towards sensuality and carnal passions. Native may indulge in affairs out of wedlock. They have a tendency to submit to vices such as greed, sensuality, deception, disloyalty, and extravagance.

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