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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

If Mars and Mercury are together at birth, the native will have unlucky wife, little wealth, will work with gold and iron, be an architect, will keep a wicked widow and be expert in making medicines. The aggressiveness Mars conjunct with Mercury gives independent mind, independent thoughts, words in action, having the courage to say what you think and brave enough to stand behind your words. The native can be aggressive or overly blunt in self-expression.Mars is energy and defensive, when these people speak they speak with forceful, boldly, in defensive way, and in a harsh way. If the conjunction  is in good dignity of the Mercury then the native good conversation, debates and communication in overall general in life. They have a good convincing power about their ideas to the people. They can also take things very personally, and become very defensive, and can make it challenging for others. These people are enthusiastic, have energetic mind, practical and compulsive. They think quickly and suffer at times by being too selfish.

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