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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

If Mars and Jupiter be together at birth, the native will be an artisan,Vedic expert, intelligent, expert in speech, wise and fond of using weapons. Mars with Jupiter in a house bestows the native with spiritual inclination and religious wisdom. Such a person is likely to be intellectual and clever. They may get good education, and communication would be their strong suit. Natives with this placement also enjoy a good reputation in society. Moreover, they usually fulfill their ambitions in fields such as technology, engineering, and construction.Natives with Guru Mangal yoga is skilful at working with hands, Vedic expert, rational, intelligent, expert at speech, wise, fond of weapon usage, good at sports and athletic activities. According to Mantresvara and Varahamihara, the combination brings natural leadership qualities, kingship and vast knowledge. The person has great drive and passion to attain mastery and expertise and easy victory over all kinds of struggles and difficulties. People with this combination get courage, become energetic and are fearless by nature. They attain high pedestals of success.

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