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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

If mars is in capricorn at birth, one will be wealthy ,fortunate, be endowed with happiness and pleasures, be wealthy, will have an excellent disposition, be famous, be an Army chief, or a king, will possess a good wife, be successful in war, will live in his own country, be independent, be a protector, be virtuous and will be interested in various procedures. These natives tend to be harsh, inactive, and aggressive in nature. They are reserved in nature, especially in public places They just cannot keep secrets and indulge in gossips too. They are quite strong mentally and physically but they lack in emotions required to spark up life and build relationships. Their hard work and determination is not rewarded immediately. While they struggle with emotional involvement and expression, they do well in professional area of their life. They tend to realize their career ambitions, which are often driven by their strong urge for material possessions and comforts. These people tend to serve others, than start something of their own.

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