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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

If mars is in cancer at birth, the subject will like living in others’ houses, be deformed, sick, will attain riches through agriculture, will enjoy royal food and robes during childhood, will eat food in others’ houses, will become wealthy through the source of water, be repeatedly anguished and be always distressed. Mars is debilitated in Cancer sign. Due to this, you may lack self control. You may be restless at heart. Due to the presence of debilitated Mars, your heart and digestion may be weak. Mars is an aggressive planet. However, it gets weak since its debilitated in Cancer sign. Due to this, you always feel suffocated. You are unable to express your feelings. With time, this suffocation turns into anger. You are always fond of travelling. You are never afraid of taking risks in life. You are an intelligent person.

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