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Mars in 8th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

MARS IN 8th HOUSE If Mars is in the eighth house, the native will suffer from eye diseases, he will not be long lived. Father will die early in the native’s life and he (native) will suffer from urinary diseases. He will have few children and suffer from rheumatism, shooting pains etc, but will have a happy married life. If Mars is in conjunction with a benefic, the native will enjoy good health and will be longlived. If Mars is in the house of a malefic or is associated with a malefic, the native will suffer from rheumatism, consumption or from urinary troubles. The span of life will be medium. If the lord of the eighth is powerful, the native will have full longevity. Comments-From the eighth house Mars will aspect the second house which inter alia signifies eyesight. The malefic influence of Mars will make the native suffer from eye troubles. The presence of malefic Mars will adversely affect the longevity of the native particularly when he is associated with a malefic. Eighth house is/12th to the ninth house which amongst other things is a significator for father. The presence of Mars in the 12th to ninth will make the father short-lived. The eighth house also represents secret parts. Mars in this house will cause damage to the family. He will therefore have few children. Eighth house is significator of chronic diseases. The native will therefore suffer from diseases like consumption, rheumatism which are chronic in nature. These troubles will be aggravated if Mars is associated with a malefic. Eighth house is house of longevity. Benefic influence on the eighth house will extend the span of life and free the native from diseases, malefic influence will give the reverse result. If the lord of eighth is powerful the native will enjoy full longevity. Same will be the effect if Mars is in his own sign. Eighth house is the worst Dusthana (evil house). If Mars is lord of a good house in the horoscope, by being in the eighth house, the significations of these houses will be destroyed. This has already been discussed in detail while dealing with the position of Mars in the sixth house. Other Views- Brihat Jataka-The native will have a limited number of issues and will have defective eyesight. Phaldeepika-The native will have an afflicted body, he will be poor and shortlived and people will speak ill of him. Saravali-The native will be sickly, short lived and ugly. He will indulge in undesirable activities and will be sorrowful. Chamatkar Chintamani-If Mars is in the 8th, even other good planets in the horoscope cannot remove the adversities of the native. Even his friends will turn into enemies. He will face obstacles in whatever efforts he makes for his betterment.

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