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Mars in 12th House

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

MARS IN 12th HOUSE The native will suffer from want of finance. He will suffer from rheumatic and bilious diseases. If Mars is associated with a malefic the native will have false vanity. Comments-The 12th house is a house of loss and Mars there will give only bad results as described above. He may give some good results if he is in his own sign. Being in the 12th he will also destory the good significations of the house he owns. Other Views Brihat Jataka-The person will suffer degradation. Phaldeepika-The native will be a backbiter, cruel, without wife and mean. He will also suffer from eye troubles. Saravali-The native will suffer from eye troubles, he will be sinful, mean, killer of his wife, backbiter and cruel, and will be liable to get imprisonment. Get in Touch

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Chintamani-The native will be irreligious and a liar. He will have fear from thieves.

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