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Updated: Aug 19, 2020


  1. Maitreya said. O Venerable Sage! Please describe for the good of mankind the remedial measures for appeasement of the malevolent Planets. 2. The Sage replied. I have already described the names and characteristic features and qualities of the Planets. Joys and sorrows of all the creatures in the world are dependent on these Planets. Therefore persons desirous of peace, wealth and prosperity, rainfall, good health and longevity should worship the Planets (by prayers, recitation of Mantras, charity etc.). 3-5. For the purpose of worshipping them the idols of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu should be made of copper, Sphatika (rock crystal), red sandal wood, gold (both Mercury and Jupiter), silver, iron, glass and bell metal, respectively. Alternatively the sketches of all the above Planets should be drawn in the colours, belonging to them, on a piece of cloth by sandal etc. and they should be placed in their own directions.

  2. Contemplate of Sun well adorned with two arms, seated on a lotus, with a lotus flower in one hand, red-coloured, like lotus and aboard a ch6thot of seven horses.

  3. Contemplate of Moon white-coloured, dressed in white robes, with two arms, carrying a mace in one hand and a Vara in the other, adorned with white-coloured ornaments and aboard a ch6thot of ten horses.

  4. Contemplate of Mars with a red necklace, dressed in red-coloured robes, with four arms, carrying Shakti, Shoola, Gada (mace) and Vara and mounted on a lamb.

  5. Contemplate of Mercury with a yellow-coloured garland, dressed in yellow robes, with four arms, carrying a sword, a shield, a mace and Vara, mounted on a lion.

  6. Contemplate of Jupiter, as yellow complexion and Venus of fair complexion, both with four arms, carrying a Danda, Akshasutra, Kamandal and Vara.

  7. O Maitreya! Contemplate of Saturn with the lustre, like that of Indraneela, with four arms, carrying Shoola, bow, arrow and Vara, mounted on a donkey.

  8. Contemplate of Rahu with a hideous face, with four arms, carrying a sword, a shield, a Shoola and a Vara, blue-coloured and mounted on a lion.

  9. There are many Ketus. All of them are of smoky colour, with two arms, carrying a mace and a Vara, with a hideous face and mounted on a donkey.

  10. All the idols should be so made, that they are 108 fingers tall by ones own fingers. Notes. Such a measurement is taken from the middle finger. 15-16. Dedicate with devotion to the Planet concerned the flowers and garments of the colour, belonging to him, sandal, Deep, Guggul etc., his metal and the grains, dear to him and distribute all these things to Brahmins to appease the Planet. 17-20. The Mantras of all the Planets and the prescribed number of their recitation are given below. The recitation of Mantras should be done after worshipping the Planets, as indicated in verses 15-16. Planet Mantra prescribed number: Sun 7000, Moon 11000, Mars11000, Mercury 9000, Jupiter 19000, Venus 16000, Saturn 23000, Rahu 18000, Ketu 17000. 21-22. Havan should be performed with Aak, Palash, Khair, Chirchiri, Pipal, Goolar, Shami wood pieces, Doob and Kush, for Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu, respectively, mixed with honey, Ghi, curd, or milk. The number of offerings to the sacred fire is 108, or 28. 23-24. To appease Sun and the other eight Planets Brahmins should be fed with (cream) of rice cooked with jaggery, rice cooked in milk, Havishya, paddy cooked in milk, curd and rice, rice with Ghi, rice cooked with powder of sesame seeds, rice cooked with meat, rice cooked with cereals, respectively.

  11. To appease Sun and other Planets the things to be given in charity are cow with calf, conch, bullock, gold, robes, horse, black cow, weapons made of iron and goat, respectively. 26-27. The Planet, who is the cause of adverse effects to a person at any time, should be handled by worship and appeasing (of the benevolent ones), because Brahma has blessed the Planets with the boon Do to the persons, who worship you. And the development and progress and downfall of the people and the creation and destruction of the universe are all under the administration and authority of the Planets. Therefore they are most venerable.

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