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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

LOST HOROSCOPY 1-2. Maitreya said. O Sage! You have so far described the auspicious and inauspicious effects to be enjoyed, or suffered by a person on the basis of the time of birth, but can the auspicious and inauspicious be ascertained, when the time of birth is not known? Kindly tell me, if there is any way to solve this problem. 3-4. The Sage said. Your question is a good one and is for the benefit of the world at large. Considering your attachment, I will tell you about this problem also. If any, or all amongst the Samvatsar, Ayana, Ritu, month, Paksha, Tithi, Nakshatra, Lagna, Rasi, or Amsas etc. of the birth are not known, these can be ascertained from Prasna Lagna (Query chart). 5-6. The Samvatsar of the birth of the querist will be the same, as that of the Rasi in the Dwadasams, in which the Prasna Lagna falls (Jupiter will be in that Rasi at birth). Saumyayan (Uttarayan – the northern course of Sun) will be in the first Hora of Lagna and Yamyayan (Dakshinayan – the southern course of Sun) will be in its second Hora. The Ritu (season) may be determined with reference to the Lord of the Drekkan, in which Lagna falls. Shishir will be indicated by the Drekkan of Saturn, Grishma by that of Sun and Mars, Vasanta by that of Venus, Varsha by that of Moon, Sharad by that of Mercury and Hemanta by that of Jupiter.

  1. If there be any contradiction in the Ayana and Ritu, the Ritu may be determined from Mercury in place of Mars, from Venus in place of Moon and from Saturn in place of Jupiter. 8-9. After the Ritu becomes known take the first part of the Drekkan, as its first month and latter part, as the next month of the Ritu. Then from the expired Amsas of the Drekkan determine proportionately the Tithi, or the Amsas of Sun. The Istakal, indicated by the Amsas (degrees) of Sun, will be the time of the birth of the querist. From the Istakal so calculated have to be worked out the longitudes of the Planets and Houses (Planet Spast and House Spast). Predictions should then be made in accordance with the dispositions of the Houses and Planets.

  2. Maitreya asked. O Sage! Jupiter returns to the same Rasi after every 12 years. Then from which circle of Jupiter should Samvatsar be determined. 11-12. The Sage said in reply. O Maitreya! When there is any doubt about the Samvatsar, take the approximate age of the querist and add multiples of 12 to the difference between the Rasi of the Jupiter at the time of query and his Rasi at the time of birth. The figure so arrived at should be taken, as the possible number of years and the Samvatsar should be determined accordingly. If by adding 12 there may appear to be difference in age, the position of Jupiter should be fixed, according to guessed approximate age, in the Trikona Rasi, 5th, or 9th of the Prasna Lagna, as may be found feasible. Then, taking that, as the Samvatsar, the Ayana, Ritu etc. should be worked out accordingly in the manner already explained.

  3. Maitreya asked again. O Sage! How will the time of birth be known after ascertaining the month and the Amsas etc. of Sun. Please explain this for the benefit of the people. 14-16.The Sage said. After ascertaining the Rasi, Amsas etc. of Sun at the time of birth, the longitude of Sun (Sun Spast) should be worked out for the next day after the number of days, taken by Sun after entering into the Rasi, which will be equal to the expired Amsas of Sun. Then the difference between the longitudes of this rising Sun and Sun at the time of birth should be converted into Kalas and multiplied by 60. The product should be divided by Sun Spast, converted into Kalas. The Ghatikas etc. so becoming available will represent the Istakal of the birth before and after sunrise. If the longitude of the Ista Sun be more than that of the rising Sun, the Istakal of the birth will be so much after the sunrise. If the longitude of the Ista Sun be less than that of the rising Sun, the Istakal of the birth will be so much before the sunrise.

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