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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

KETU IN TAURUS The placement of Ketu in taurus would bring much of the fluctuations in the native’s life with particular impact upon wealth as the individuals would see the period of high affluence as well as of poverty. Besides this, these individuals would be much attached to wealth and materialistic aspects of the world. These people carry a insatiable desire for comfort and pleasure.The placement of ketu in taurus could turn the natives in the immoral direction besides making them more stubborn and egoistic in attitude.These individuals feel uncomfortable being fasten in relations but still they could not stay apart from them.These natives are perceived to carry instability in mind along with lack of peace and harmony. Such people want to walk freely and seek movement, but that does not mean that they fly in the air because Taurus is an earthy sign and this element keeps them grounded. Due to the impulse given by Ketu, such people are always pulled between need for movement and the need for stability. Ketu in Taurus also gives a pensive mood to the person. Such people like to talk a lot and are sometimes quite insincere. These people face hurdles in acquiring luxuries and material comforts they want.Such people also face issues within their family. They often move towards wrong directions in life that require immoral actions. While they tend to be quite loving, caring and compassionate, they struggle to get the same level of love and compassion in return.

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