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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

KETU IN SCORPIO The placement of Ketu in scorpio would reduce the inner sensitivity of natives besides which it would make them more aggressive and strong persons. These individual would be more stronger at mind and would carry a harsh personality. Besides this, these natives would be quiet inclined towards materialistic life and could be seen at good heights but with fluctuations in life path.The natives with Ketu in scorpio would be more sharp minded and skilled in hiding their true self inside. They would not forgive easily and could turn malicious and callous at times besides which they could also get involved in witch craft. These natives would always carry a dissatisfaction from life. Ketu is a shadow planet and when it is placed in Scorpio, it helps the person excel in research. Such people like to do things on their own. Scorpio sign is ruled by Mars, which shares a good relationship with Ketu. In fact, Ketu resonates with Mars the most. Ketu in Scorpio gives a mysterious nature to the person.It also gives a strong determination and a tendency to work hard to achieve goals. Such people however are prone to cheating others. They can be quite harsh at times. Ketu makes the native a deep researcher too. Such people study any subject to its depth. They have good knowledge of occult subjects and sciences.

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