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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

KETU IN SAGITTARIUS The natives with placement of Ketu in sagittarius would be quiet stronger at mind and from inside besides which these individuals could be seen as carrying a quiet serious approach towards life and lacking at the side of fun and amusement till the extent of lacking humor in their personality. These natives would look for true knowledge around to know their self truly due to possessing a philosophical blend.The natives would be quiet detached from the surroundings including relations and worldly life while they would see over humanity with a practical vision and not with emotional eye for which they would be unbiased and wiser. Besides this, these natives would not clear in their prospective and could lack the stability in mind but could find the peace. When placed in Sagittarius, it increases one’s desire to achieve great heights. Such people are quite candid and open in their approach towards fulfillment of their desires. Jupiter and Ketu are both associated with spirituality. In this position, Ketu affords the native with good intuition. Such people become great spiritual leaders and earn a lot of name and fame in life. These natives give a lot of respect to elders and their community. They achieve success in life.

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