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Updated: Jun 22, 2021

KETU IN LEO The placement of Ketu in simha would enhance the aggression in the natives besides making them more hasty in approach which would keep the instability in their mind. These natives could be seen as seeking high for the dominant place among the all till the extent of ignoring others which in the end would make them self centered and egoistic in their approach.The natives with Ketu in simha could be seen as being deceitful and wicked along with being political in their attitude besides this they possess a high inclination towards materialistic life around. Ketu in Leo gives a confusing personality to the native. Such people feel a lot of uncertainty before venturing into anything new. Lack of confidence persists. They tend to have a lot of questions and doubts in mind about everything. These natives tend to develop fear of poison and snakes. Ketu in leo also makes the person prone to stomach related issues. Such natives tend to know many languages. While they are talkative, they do not get involved in society much. They can be quite impatient at times. Their interests lie in artistic pursuits. They are also good artists themselves at times. These people also attain success in politics. 

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