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Updated: Jun 23, 2021

KETU IN CANCER The placement of Ketu in cancer would further intensify the inner sensitivity and crave for emotional support and security in people, which altogether would take them towards not trusting anyone around as leaving them quiet detached from the surroundings in the end.These individuals may possess a instable mind and fluctuating life path.The natives with ketu in kark could be quiet self centered besides which they would be much inclined towards comfort and materialistic life.These natives would stay unsatisfied with everything around throughout their life. Ketu in this position gives a negative personality to the native as it creates a lot of confusions. Such people struggle to understand their own emotions. They always think of the negative possibilities than positive. A sense of doubt pervades all their opinions and thoughts.Sometimes, these natives also develop some phobia. They have an instable and wavering mind.  In fact, their mind is full of airy thoughts. They are also prone to gastric troubles. These people nonetheless are sympathetic to others. They have a religiously inclined mind and can touch extremes when it comes to spirituality. Due to their overly confusing emotional persona, they struggle to experience peace of mind.

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