Kema Druma Yoga is said to occur when there is no planet positioned in either second house or in the twelfth house from the planet Moon; or when there is no association of the planet Moon with the other planets apart from Sun, Rahu and Ketu; this planetary combination leads to the formation of Kema Druma Yoga in a Rashi. So, it also means that when no planet is lying in the cardinal house of a Rashi, this Yoga happens. The presence of Kema Druma Yoga in a person's Rashi results in making the native destitute of any form of education, intellectualness, prosperity, healthiness and knowledge. As an impact of this yoga, there are many complexities and difficulties in the native's life with lots of miseries. Such a person remains highly reliant on others and sometimes also engages himself in the immoral acts. The native also becomes filthy, unclean, distressed, outrageous, knave and a cheater. The native also remains devoid of the pleasure of wife, children and mental peace. The yoga is considered highly evil and a big sin with its ability to turn even someone born in a highly affluent family to a roadside destitute. Though it is believed that if the planets of the native are residing in a Kendra from the birth or from the Moon; or when Moon is placed either in a Kendra or it is conjunction with another planet or the planet Jupiter is aspecting the Moon; Kema Druma Yoga gets defused.

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