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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

A native, who has Jupiter and Saturn together at birth will be heroic, will have plenty of wealth, will be chief of the city (mayor etc.), famous and will be the head of an assembly, a village, or an association. As Jupiter and Saturn both are slow moving planets, so a person with this conjunction will never rush for anything. They will always move ahead with a systematic disciplined, slow and steady approach. As Saturn causes delay in life, a person with Saturn and Jupiter conjunction will rise late in life, mostly after 29 years. This conjunction also endows the native with courage, diligence, prosperity, and fame. The person tends to be a headstrong, intelligent, wealthy, polite, calm, and religiously inclined person. However, they tend to mistrust their partner and are a little dominating in nature. Such a native can also enjoy a higher position of leadership or in politics on account of their power to persuade and be followed. They do well in fields such as medical, law, arts, hairdressing, pottery, cooking etc.

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