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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Should jupiter be in taurus, one will be endowed with a broad body, be corpulent, will honour Brahmins and Gods, be splendourous, fortunate, attached to his wife, be endowed with good appearance, profession, cows and abundant wealth; will possess good articles and ornaments, be distinguished in speech, intelligence and skill; will have political as well as judicial wisdom, be modest, be endowed with medical accomplishments and be skillful in experiments. People with this combination are often recognised as primarily being fortunate with money and possessions. Jupiter showers its blessings on to the person in the form of material wealth. People with Jupiter in Taurus are therefore likely to be well off and strong and powerful figures in society. It is unlikely these people will go hungry or be out of work for any length of time. People with this combination will enjoy the comforts and indulgences of this world. For them, they will revel in fine wine or food or surroundings. Jupiter however has a tendency to become excessive in what it bestows. So people with this combination beware. There maybe tendencies to over indulge in pleasure, in whatever form may appeal to the individual. Maybe too much good food will lead to being overweight.

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