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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

If jupiter is in scorpio at the time of one’s birth, he will be expert in vedas and shastras, be a king, be skillful, will construct temples and towns, will have many wives, but few sons, be troubled by diseases, will undergo many difficulties, be very fierce, be ostentatious in his performance, be virtuous and will indulge in contemptuous acts. With Jupiter in Scorpio, this intensity is magnified so people with this combination can be very powerful individuals both for and against others around them. Fortunately the fact that Jupiter tends to favour the positive emotions will mean that people with this combination will have great strength and endurance to help those who they love and cherish. If they become involved in religion it is likely they will be fervent advocates of their cause almost hyponotic in nature when espousing their views and beliefs. They will wish to reach the innermost depths of any philosophy and may be drawn to uncover the darker sides of human nature, possibly getting involved in the occult or mysticism. Jupiter often indicates how finances are manifested by the individual. The sign of Scorpio deals with partnerships so often people with Jupiter in Scorpio will be involved with joint financial ventures making their money as part of a group of connected individuals.

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