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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

If jupiter be in sagittarius at the time of birth, one will be a preceptor, will conduct religious vows, initiations, sacrifices etc., will have lasting wealth, be charitable, be friendly to his own men, be fond of helping others, interested in Shastras, be the head of a zone, or a minister, will live in many countries, will prefer loneliness and be interested in visiting shrines. People with Jupiter in Sagittarius, will look to live their life according to some kind of higher meaning. Day to day living will not be enough for them. They will attempt to make sense of the world through some kind of organized and codified set of rules. This may well take the form of living under an organized religion or philosophy. For these people it will give structure and guidance to their lives. Many of the adherents will infact becme quite senior in these movements and the driving force behind their current manifestations. Indeed as people and with the strength of Jupiter beng in the sign of its rulership may feel compelled to push their views on to other people. In a good sense they may be a guiding light to others who have lost their way but in a bad sense they may be pushy and self righteous, even extreme in their views. These people genuinely search for some kind of deeper and higher meaning to existence and as such the seeds of their spring from a positive place. They are constantly questioning their place in the greater scheme of things.

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