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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

Should jupiter be in leo at the time of birth, the native will be lastingly inimical, be strong, courageous, will show abundant friendship, be learned, rich, will have eminent relatives, be a king, will have heroism akin to that of a king, will be recognizable in an assembly, will destroy the entire band of his enemies, will possess a strong physique and will live in hills, fortresses, forests and temples. The Leo traits are expanded and amplified by the planet Jupiter. People with Jupiter in Leo are likely to possess a natural style and charisma. They will favour the very grand in their surroundings and personal appearance. Their houses are likely to be decadent and sumptuous in the extreme. The natural tendency of Leo to accumulate many followers through their natural style and charisma will be amplifed by the planet Jupiter. For this reason these people are rarely likely to be alone and will possess many natural admirers. There will be an excitement and energy surrounding these individuals. They will most likely be blessed with excessive energy, strength, dynamism and general life force. If people with Jupiter in Leo become too self focused they are likely to be excessively vain and prideful.

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