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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

If jupiter be in capricorn, the native will be less virile, will experience much grief and difficulties, will be mean in conduct, be a dunce, will meet a bad end, will suffer from penury, will serve others, will be bereft of auspiciousness, mercy, purity, affection to his relatives and of religion, will have an emaciated body, be timid, interested in living in other countries and be depressed of spirits. So people with Jupiter in Capricorn can have a depth and experience with regard to their philosophy and outlook on the world. Their thinking will not be radical and groundbreaking but somewhat conservative and they will espouse traditional and solid values of profit through grit and determination and honest work. This hard working ethic can also result in people with Jupiter in Capricorn being overly concerned with structure and tradition and formality which can contradict the Jupiterian aspect of freedom and expansiveness and innovation.

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