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Updated: Aug 20, 2020

If Jupiter be in Aquarius at the time of birth, one will be a tale-bearer, be ill disposed, interested in evil jobs, be chief among his race men, be always attached to base men, be malicious, miserly, will suffer from diseases, will lose wealth on account his own utterances, be devoid of intelligence and virtues. With Jupiter in Aquarius, we are all ultimatley free to follow our own path and possibly the path is less important than the right of each individual to choose his way of living. The positive nature of Jupiter, unlike the planet Saturn, means that these individuals are far more likely to see the good side of any lifestyle choice rather than the bad. For this reason these natives are likely to come across as generous and tolerant and champions of the oppressed. People with this combination are also likely to have many friends and associates, possibly attracted to them by their knowledge and unique and revolutionary ideas. They are also likely to feel very at home with around new technologies. For them juggling a computer, ipad and mobile phone all at the same time is second nature.

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