1. In the horoscope of the boy and girl , the planet positioned in the 7th house should always be addressed to and made peace with before marriage.

2. To get success in his love life a boy should always wear an emerald ring and because of it the lover or fiancee would get attracted to you.

3. A couple in love should meet on full moon nights / poorana masi and on fridays and if friday happens to be full moon night it is most auspicious for meeting and love will grow and deepen on such meetings.

4. Offering a flute  and beetal leaves in lord krishna temple will  help you to win over your love.

5. If you are interested in winning over someone, worship Maa Durga and offer a red shewl.

6. Performing " Rudra Abhishek" with honey will beget  you of the one you are desirous of.

7. Wear " gauri shanker rudraksha" to get married to person you are in love.

8. Wearing a Diamond or Opal helps in love relations and affairs and convert them in matrimony.

9. If the horoscope of any one boy or girl is afflicted by malefic affects of mars or manglik dosha , it is strongly suggested to either reconsider the proposal or do remedial action to mitigate malefic effects of mars.

10. It is considered very auspicious gifting your love one a diamond or it could be its substitute zircon.

11. Venus is the planet ruling love so to strenghthen it make sure that some portion of the house is left unpaved or uncemented or naturally earthy.

12. You should start worshipping Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi on Thursday of the diminishing moon fortnight. Thereafter, accomplish a 108-bead crystal beaded rosary in front of a picture or idol of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, chanting along, "Om Lakshmi Narayana Namah".

Worship Moon Planet moon gives success in love life.

Consult with the astrologer regards to yours both horoscopes that is it actually possible or not to get marry with each other.

These are the some remedies for you solving the obstacles from love marriage and help to make your love marriage possibilities more possible for you.

written by astrologer raman :

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