face astrology and nose astrology

face astrology and nose astrology :

Venus is the planet of beauty. When she associates with the Ascendant the person is bound to be beautiful. Mercury is symbol of vivaciousness. Its association with the ascendant makes a person vivacious and he can charm the company and people are led to think that he/she is beautiful. Jupiter is symbol of Majestic grace. Sun and Mars give the stamp of authority on the Face. Saturn and Rahu Give Ugly, Dark, unlikable personality.

The second house rules over the nose. Mercury is karaka for the same. When second house and Mercury are afflicted, nasal trouble is suggested. Brisha rasi is the seat of nose in the natural zodiac. Second house also rules the right nostril and twelfth house rules the left one. To ascertain trouble in particular side the cause must be looked into second or twelfth house. Rahu is karaka for breathing. ‘Mithuna, Tula and Kumbha rasis, three airy signs also rule the functions of breathing. Affliction to the houses and karaka controlling nose and breathing gives rise to nasal diseases and difficulties in breathing. Polyps is a disease which is a kind of tumour in nose. Mars is karaka for all tumours. A malefic Mars in the second or twelfth house and affliction of the houses and planets ruling nose, or affliction of the above houses and planets by malefic Mars produce diseases like polypus.

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