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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

1-3. Maharsi Parasara said to Maitreya. O Brahmin! Now I will impart to you the knowledge of a great secrecy and superior importance, which was communicated to me by Lord Brahma himself for the benefit of the world. This is a Chakra by the name of Sudarshana, through which Devajnas will be able to predict the favourable and unfavorable results for every year, every month and every day from the time of birth to the time of death of a person. Listen to this very intently.

  1. O Brahmin! Take a point and from it draw three circles. Within the circles draw 12 lines, so as to provide 12 Houses within each circle. This is how Sudarshana Chakra is drawn. 5-6. In the first circle (innermost) place the 12 Houses from Lagna with Planets, posited there. In the circle next to the innermost circle place the 12 Houses from the Rasi of Moon with the Planets in them. In the third circle place the 12 Houses from the Rasi of Sun with Planets in them. Thus there will be 3 Rasis in each House of the Chakra. 7-9. The significant aspect of this Chakra is, that Lagna, Moon and Sun represent the first House. The 2nd, 3rd etc. up to 12th from Moon and Sun will deal with the same subject, as they do, when reckoned from Lagna. Then the results should be assessed, according to the Planets in each House. In this form of Rasi Kundali Sun is considered auspicious in the first House and inauspicious, or malefic in other Houses. The malefics do not produce evil effects, if they are in their exaltation Rasi. In this manner predictions should be made, after considering the benefic and malefic natures of the Planets, their disposition and aspects from and on them.

  2. A House gets advancement, if it is occupied, or aspected by the Lord, or a benefic. The House, which is occupied, or aspected by a malefic, is harmed. 11-13. The effects of a House will be in accordance with the Planet occupying it, or in accordance with the Planet aspected, if no Planet is in occupation of the House. The effects of a House, occupied by a benefic, will be auspicious and the House, occupied by a malefic, will be inauspicious. Effects of the aspects will be the same. If a House is influenced both by benefics and malefics, the results will depend on the majority amongst the benefics and malefics. If the number of benefics is larger than the number of malefics, the results will be auspicious. If reverse is the case, inauspicious, or evil effects may be expected. If there are equal number of malefics and benefics, those with greater strength will influence the results of that House. Mixed results should be declared, if there be no difference in the strength of malefics and benefics. The same would apply to aspects.

  3. The effects should be declared, according to its Lord, if the House is neither occupied, nor aspected by a Planet. 15-16. A natural benefic loses his benevolence, if he is in more malefic Vargas. Similarly a natural malefic loses his malevolence, if he is in more benefic Vargas (SaptaVarga). A Planets own Rasi, his exaltation Rasi and benefic Vargas are considered auspicious. And malefic and the Vargas of an enemy and debilitated Rasi are considered inauspicious.

  4. The sage said, that the results should be declared only after assessing the auspiciousness and inauspiciousness of all the Houses.

  5. Maitreya asked. O Venerable sage! Kindly enlighten me on one point. If all the Houses are judged in accordance with the Sudarshana Chakra, why many learned sages have advocated declaration of effects from the Houses, reckoned from Lagna in Rasi Kundali? 19-20. The sage replied. The results should be declared in accordance with the Sudarshana Chakra, only when Sun and Moon being in separate Rasis different from the Rasi of Lagna. If amongst Lagna, Sun and Moon, all the three, or two of them are in the same Rasi, the judgment of effects should be made from the Rasi Kundali only. (21-23) The sage said. O Brahmin! Now I will tell you about the effects, produced every year and every month by the twelve Houses in their Dasas and Antardasas, according to Sudarshana Chakra. Under this system every one of the twelve Houses, beginning from the 1st, is allotted a Dasa period of one year. Thus every year in 12 years a House becomes Lagna of the year and the remaining become 2nd, 3rd and so on. Every year every House will have Antardasa of one month. By following the method of Lagna of the year here also, there will be a Lagna of the month. The first Antardasa will be of the first House and then will follow for 12 months the Antardasas of the other Houses, every House assuming the role of Lagna by turn. Every House gets Pratyantar Dasa of 2 days and Vidasa of 12 Ghatikas. The same method is to be adopted for judging the effects of Houses in Pratyantar Dasas and Vidasas. 24-26. At the time of commencement of a Dasa, if there be benefic in the 1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 5th, 9th and 8th, favourable effects will be experienced in the concerned year, month etc. The House, which is occupied by only Rahu, or Ketu, becomes harmful. The same will be the fate of the House, which is occupied by a larger number of malefics. If there be benefics in Houses other than the 12th, or 6th, the House concerned will produce favourable effects. In other words, if the benefics be in the 12th, or 6th from the House concerned, unfavorable effects will be derived in the related year, month etc. If there be malefics in the 3rd, 6th and 11th from the House, assuming the role of Lagna, then these three Houses will produce auspicious results. The effects can be ascertained for every year, month etc. in this manner. The total number of years in Vimsott6th Dasa are 120 years. After every 12 years the same method of determining the Dasas, Antardasas etc. has to be repeated for Lagna and other Houses. 27-28. After ascertaining the effects of the years, months etc. in accordance with the Sudarshana Chakra, assessment of effects for the years, months etc. should be made on the basis of Ashtaka Varga. The benefic, or malefic effects will be full, if the assessment from both produces the same results. If they are different, the comparative strength of both should be taken into account to declare the final results.

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