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Updated: Aug 19, 2020

1-4. The Great Sage Parasara said. O Brahmin! When the Sattva-Guni Planets are predominant, the person born is Sattva-Guni and of good character. When Rajo-Guna (passion of love and pleasure) is predominant, the person born is Rajo-Guna and intelligent. When the Tamo-Guna (attribute of darkness) is predominant, the person born is stupid. When at the time of birth all the Planets are of equal dominance, the person has a mixture of all the attributes. The persons (creatures) so born are classified, as Uttama (most excellent), Madhyama (of intermediate type), Adhama (despisable) and Udaseena (indifferent, or neutral) in that order. Thus there are four kinds of animate beings (Prani). I will relate their attributes, which have been described by Narada and other sages.

  1. The natural attributes of persons, belonging to Uttam class, are possession of control over organs of perception and mind, simplicity, truthfulness, patience and satisfaction.

  2. Valor, splendor, patience, cleverness, not retreating in war and protecting the holy men are the natural attributes of persons, belonging to Rajo-Guna.

  3. Greed, falsehood, idiocy, laziness and doing service of others are the inborn attributes of persons, who belong to Adham class.

  4. Engagement in agriculture and business, protection of cattle and speaking both truth and lies are inborn attributes of persons, belonging to Udaseena class.

  5. O Maitreya! Classify the people, as Uttama, Madhyama, Adhama and Udaseena after observation of the attributes, described above. A person should be considered appropriate for a job, according to his attributes.

  6. If amongst Sattva, Rajas and Tamas any attribute is the most dominant, it is considered the most predominant of all. Otherwise all have equal effects.

  7. The affectionate relationship between an employer and employee and man and women will be inv6thable and stable, if they possess the same attributes.

  8. O Maitreya! Amongst the above four classes of persons, if there is any kind of relationship of even Adhama with Udaseena, of Udaseena with Madhyama and of Madhyama with Uttama, there will be mutual affection and happiness.

  9. If the bridegroom has better attributes than the bride and the master has better attributes than the servant, there will be mutual affection (regard for each other) and happiness. If the bride or the servant possesses better attributes, the relationships will be full of bitterness.

  10. The attributes of the native are dependent on his father and mother, his time of birth and the persons, he gets associated with. These are the root causes of Uttama etc. qualities, possessed by him. The attributes, endowed by the time of the birth and associations, are stronger than those, received from the parents.

  11. Consequently the person is embellished with the attribute Sattva, Rajas, or Tamas, whichever is predominant at the time of birth. The predictions should therefore be made after taking into account the time of birth.

  12. The Supreme Lord of the Universe, who is indestructible and omnicient, is the Kal. He is the Creator, Protector and Destroyer of all movable and immovable.

  13. These three faculties of Lord Kal are called nature. Divided by these faculties, the imperceptible Lord Kal is also perceptible.

  14. In accordance with the self-created qualities by the Perceptible form of Lord Kal, there are four kinds of limbs, namely Uttama, Madhyama, Udaseena and Adhama.

  15. From the Uttama, Madhyama, Udaseena and Adhama parts are created Uttama, Madhyama, Udaseena and Adhama types of creatures.

  16. The Uttama part of Lord Kal is the head, Madhyama part both arms and chest, thighs form the Udaseena part and the feet fall in the Adhama part.

  17. This is how a differentiation is made between classes of movables and immovables, according to attributes and the parts, from which the creations are made.

  18. The Chaturvidha (four sided) Lord Kal has thus created this Chaturvidha universe in consonance with his own attributes.

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