Updated: Aug 19, 2020

A favourable debilitated Sun placed in 9th house of a horoscope can bless the native with professional success, name, fame, religious and spiritual interest at the same time. The natives under the influence of this benefic placement of debilitated Sun are also likely to get a wise and financially sound life partner which can provide more strength and stability to the native. A benefic debilitated Sun in 9th house of a horoscope can make the native settle in some foreign country permanently.While an unfavourable debilitated Sun in 9th house of a horoscope can cause problems in the married life of the native and some natives under the strong influence of this malefic placement may walk out of their marriage as they feel suffocation in their marriage and they just want to break free from the bonds of marriage. Such a malefic placement can make the native very argumentative and outspoken which cause problems when it comes to making and maintaining relations. A malefic debilitated Sun in 9th house of a horoscope can also affect the sexual drive and lessen sexual pleasures.

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