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A favourable debilitated Sun in eighth house of a horoscope can bless the native with wealth, prosperity and business which generally comes to the native by means of inheritance though some natives under the influence of such a benefic influence may have to go through court cases and litigations in order to own such inheritance.Natives under the strong influence of such a benefic placement of debilitated Sun are seen interested in the practice of hidden faiths and some of these natives practice one of these faiths as their professions and they can achieve good results and success.While an unfavourable debilitated Sun in 8th house of a horoscope can cause serious problems in the marriage and married life of the native which may include a late or a very late marriage, a disturbed marriage, divorce or a broken marriage and more than one divorce.The divorces finalized due to the influence of a malefic debilitated Sun in 8th house of a horoscope are usually finalized after much drama, litigations and court cases and the native under such a malefic influence may have to part with a substantial part of his wealth and assets towards the settlement of such divorce or divorces. A malefic debilitated Sun in 8th house of a horoscope usually gives at least one permanent disease to the native.

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