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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

A favourable debilitated Sun in 11th house of a horoscope is a very benefic placement and it can bless the native under its influence with strong financial results and it can also render great name, fame and power to the native. A benefic debilitated Sun in 10th house can also give very good results regarding the income drawn from foreign countries and accordingly many natives under the influence of this benefic influence can profit from professions which are related to foreign countries and some of these natives may travel to these foreign countries on frequent basis.While an unfavourable debilitated Sun in 11th house of a horoscope can trouble the native with unwanted expenses and debts which are usually passed on to the native by his family members and the native under the strong influence of this malefic placement of debilitated Sun may have to spend much time, money and resources towards the needs and issues of their family members which can hinder the progress of the native. A native with malefic debilitated Sun in 11th house of a horoscope can also develop egoism and arrogance.

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