A favourable debilitated Rahu in 8th house can take the native to foreign lands and it can also make the native become interested or successful in fields like astrology,palmistry,black magic and other such phenomenon dealing with supernatural or paranormal worlds. A favourable debilitated Rahu in 8th house of a horoscope generally blesses the native with a good health and a strong ability to recover from diseases and the natives are seen living healthy and long life. Native under the influence of favourable debilitated rahu in 8th house are seen successful in professions like doctors,police officers,army officers,bankers etc.While an unfavourable debilitated Rahu in 8th house of a horoscope can cause serious problems related to marriage and married life and the native generally gets wife who are very argumentative and quarrelsome in nature and such wife keeps on harassing and troubling the native on account of small issues. An unfavourable debilitated Rahu in 8th house of a horoscope can also make the native suffer injuries and surgeries on account of health problems, diseases and accidents which can keep on troubling these natives every now and then and they can die in an accident or they may be killed in some kind of fight or attack which is not planned and which happens suddenly.

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