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Updated: Dec 17, 2018

A favourable debilitated Rahu in 3rd house of a horoscope can give very good results regarding the general appearance and health of the native and the natives under favourable influence of this debilitated rahu in 3rd house are generally seen to have lean and fit bodies and they generally keep fit throughout their lives. A favourable debilitated Rahu in 3rd house can also bless the native with great courage and bravery and can also make the native travel to many foreign countries and accordingly some natives can become successful as sports persons or police officers whereas some other natives can engage in some profession which requires them to travel to many foreign countries on regular basis. While an unfavourable debilitated Rahu in 3rd house of a horoscope can make the native very selfish and accordingly the natives have a tendency to cheat other people, ignore other people or sacrifice other people in order to improve the chances of their own benefits and as a result,such natives are generally disrespected by the people and society as they are not trustworthy at all and at times,they can even sacrifice their own brothers and sisters in order to gain profits.The natives under influence of unfavourable debilitated Rahu in 3rd house generally have bad relations with their friends and siblings due to their selfishness and some of these natives may have to lose their friends or brothers permanently on account of this selfishness.An unfavourable debilitated Rahu in 3rd house of a horoscope can also make the native engage in some kind of criminal activities in order to get quick financial gains and may have to go to prison by virtue of their involvement in such criminal activities.

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