A favourable debilitated Rahu in 10th house of a horoscope can bless the native with success in his professional field.Such a favourable rahu also blesses the native with very good social and networking skills and accordingly the natives under the favourable influence of such debilitated Rahu in 10th house are likely to succeed by virtue of engaging in group oriented works and with the help of their colleagues and friends. While an unfavourable debilitated Rahu in 10th house of a horoscope can make that native prone to engage in illegal professions and accordingly some natives gets involved in smuggling of some kind, drug dealing, gambling, kidnapping and other such criminal activities which make these natives earn bad name for themselves and their families and which can also make these natives suffer from some kind of punishment which has been given to them by some court of law. The natives with unfavourable debilitated Rahu in 10th house of their horoscopes prove very tough criminals if they engage in criminal activities and some of these criminals prove a big headache for the law enforcing agencies.This placement of unfavourable debilitated rahu in 10th house also gives financial concerns to the native and some of these natives may have to face serious financial crisis more than once in their lives.

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