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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

A favourable debilitated Moon placed in seventh house of a horoscope can give good results regarding the profession and financial stability of the native.The natives under the influence of this kind of benefic placement of debilitated Moon usually do not achieve great success or great financial gains but their financial situation usually remains balanced throughout their lives and hence they do not have to face financial crisis.Some natives under the strong influence of such a benefic placement of debilitated Moon can get settled in a foreign country on the basis of their marriage which means that they can marry a foreigner.While an unfavourable debilitated Moon can cause problems in the married life due mutual distrust between husband and wife and in some extreme cases of this malefic placement of debilitated Moon, the native may have to suffer from one or more than one broken marriages.Such a malefic placement of debilitated Moon in seventh house of a horoscope can also bring disgrace or defame to the native which generally comes due to some kind of allegations imposed on the native by his seniors, colleagues, their wife or their in-laws and such a native may have to live with this disgrace for a very long period of time.

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