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Updated: Dec 21, 2021

A favourable debilitated Moon placed in sixth house of a horoscope can make the native successful as a lawyer, judge, police officer, army officer, doctor, physician, astrologer, psychic or numerologist etc.The natives under the strong influence of this benefic placement of debilitated are likely to benefit from the troubles and problems and disputes of the other people and that is why such natives are fit for going to one of the above mentioned professions.While an unfavourable placement of debilitated Moon in sixth house the native may have to face arguments, disputes and litigations in their married life whereas some other natives under this malefic influence may have to part with their parental family on account of serious differences between them and their parents.An unfavourable debilitated Moon in sixth house of horoscope, the native has a strong tendency to develop criminal interests and as a result the natives under the strong influence of this malefic placement of debilitated Moon can become notorious criminals and may have to spend a long period of time in jail.

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