A favourable debilitated Mercury in 4th house of a horoscope can give a very good result regarding the wealth and prosperity of the native and accordingly the natives under the strong influence of such a favourable debilitated Mercury in 4th house can possess their own residences, vehicles and other things of comforts and luxuries.Many natives under this favourable influence of debilitated mercury in 4th house are seen doing well  in their professional spheres and some of these natives can achieve a position of power and authority in government as an officer or a powerful post through politics. Natives under the strong influence of this placement of favourable debilitated Mercury in 4th house can witness great experiences related to spiritual and paranormal worlds.While natives under the unfavourable influence of placement of debilitated Mercury in 4th house may have to change many jobs in their lives and some of these natives may have to change many cities, states and countries throughout their lives primarily due to their professions.An unfavourable debilitated Mercury in 4th house of a horoscope can cause problems in the marriage and married life of the native which may include a late marriage, a disturbed married life and in some cases, a broken marriage.

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